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Laal Peeli Akhiyaan (Red and Yellow Eyes) is a soulful ballad by Indian singer-songwriter Romy, featuring vocals from Shahid Kapoor and Kriti Sanon. It is the title track of the 2023 Bollywood film Shehzada.

The song is a beautiful and evocative exploration of love, loss, and longing. It opens with a simple melody, Kapoor's voice tinged with sadness as he sings about a lost love. Sanon's vocals join in, adding a layer of warmth and compassion.

The lyrics are poetic and heartfelt, capturing the essence of unrequited love. Lines like "Laal peeli akhiyaan, jo mujhe daag diyan, main kaise bhul jaaun, unhe udaa diyan" (Red and yellow eyes, which scarred me, how can I forget them, I set them free) and "Aankhon mein teri meri jaan, mujhe kya pata tha, tu dil mein aa jaayega, main kharab ho jaaunga" (In your eyes, my life, I didn't know, you would come to my heart, I would be ruined) are particularly moving.

The song's melody is simple but effective, with a gentle, lilting rhythm that perfectly complements the lyrics. The instrumentation is understated, with a focus on piano and strings. This creates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability, allowing the listener to connect with the song on a deeper level.

The song's music video is also well-done, perfectly capturing the song's emotionality. It features Kapoor and Sanon in a series of intimate scenes, their eyes often locked in a gaze. The video is visually stunning, with lush cinematography and evocative imagery.

Laal Peeli Akhiyaan is a beautiful and moving song that will stay with you long after you hear it. It is a must-listen for fans of Bollywood music, and a testament to the talent of Romy, Kapoor, and Sanon.

In addition to its musical and emotional appeal, Laal Peeli Akhiyaan also has a cultural significance. The song's title refers to the red and yellow eyes of the Hindu goddess Durga, who is often associated with love, protection, and strength. This symbolism adds another layer of meaning to the song, suggesting that even in the face of loss, love can still be a source of strength and inspiration.