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Henrique e Juliano's "ALÔ INVEJA" (Hello Envy) is a raucous anthem of self-confidence and defiance, blending elements of sertanejo, country, and pop to create an energetic and infectious tune. The song features Henrique e Juliano's signature vocals and captivating melodies, delivering a message of empowerment and resilience in the face of envy and criticism.

The song opens with a heavy beat and a catchy hook, immediately setting the stage for a boisterous and defiant journey. Henrique e Juliano's vocals are powerful and assertive, perfectly capturing the mood of the song. The lyrics are provocative and unapologetic, challenging those who doubt or criticize their success.

In the chorus, the singers declare, "Alô inveja, bebe que nós paga!" (Hello envy, drink, we'll pay!). These lines perfectly capture the song's message of self-confidence and defiance. They are telling their detractors to drink up and watch them succeed, regardless of their envy or negativity.

The bridge of the song offers a moment of reflection, as Henrique e Juliano address those who gossip and spread rumors about them. They sing, "Quem tá vigiando tudo que eu tô fazendo... Bebe mais e fala menos!" (Those who are watching everything I'm doing... Drink more and talk less!). These lines show that they are not afraid of the scrutiny and criticism, and they are not going to let it hold them back.

The outro of the song is a return to the chorus, where Henrique e Juliano reiterate their message of self-confidence and defiance. They declare that they will never stop enjoying their success, no matter what their detractors say.


"ALÔ INVEJA" is a well-crafted and empowering anthem that is sure to leave listeners feeling energized and inspired. Henrique e Juliano's performance is both powerful and charismatic, and their lyrics are provocative and unapologetic. The song's melody is catchy and infectious, and the beat is sure to get your heart racing.

Overall, "ALÔ INVEJA" is a must-listen for fans of sertanejo, country, pop, and anyone who has ever faced envy or criticism. The song's catchy melody, relatable lyrics, and powerful vocals make it an instant earworm, while its message of self-confidence and defiance leaves listeners feeling empowered and inspired.


Compositores: Lucas ing, Matheus Costa, Marco, Márcia Compositora

Meu porta mala explodindo tocando só os “modão”.
Cigarro já na bituca, tá quase queimando minha mão.

Mesa barata, cacheta na mesa, espetim na promoção…
Tem vida mais cara, mas, melhor que essa não!

Quem vê até desacredita, nessa vida que eu tô levando.
Como é que ganhando tão pouco bebe tanto?

“Esse aí não presta, não vale nada, mexe com coisa errada
Alô inveja! Bebe que nós paga!”

Pra quem tá vigiando tudo que eu tô fazendo…
Bebe mais e fala menos!

Pra quem tá me julgando, pros fiscais de sofrimento:
Bebe mais e fala menos!

Pra quem tá vigiando tudo que eu tô fazendo…
Bebe mais e fala menos!
Pra quem tá me julgando pros fiscais de sofrimento;
Bebe mais e fala menos!

“Cês” enche o saco, eu encho a cara!
Ou “cês” atura ou passa raiva.
Alô inveja!
Bebe que “nós” paga!

“Cês” enche o saco eu encho a cara!
Ou “cês” atura ou passa raiva.
Alô inveja!
Bebe que nós paga!