On December 31, 2023, Japanese boy group Snow Man held a special end-of-year live stream concert titled "Snow Man Special Live~みんなと楽しむ大晦日!~" (Snow Man Special Live: Enjoying New Year's Eve with Everyone!). The concert, which was broadcast live on YouTube, was a two-hour celebration of the group's music and their fans. The concert began with a bang, as Snow Man performed their latest single, "LOVE TRIGGER." The group's energetic performance and infectious enthusiasm immediately got the audience pumped up. They continued with a medley of their other hit songs, including "Dangerholic," "ブラザービート," and "ナミダの海を越えて行け." In between songs, Snow Man took the time to interact with their fans. They answered questions, played games, and even performed some skits. The group's genuine warmth and humor made the concert feel like a personal gathering, rather than a mere performance. One of the highlights of the concert was the group's performance of their new song, "We'll go together." The song is a heartfelt ballad about the bond between Snow Man and their fans. The group's emotional vocals and passionate delivery touched the hearts of many viewers. The concert ended with Snow Man performing their debut song, "Imitation Rain." The group's powerful performance was a fitting conclusion to a truly memorable concert. The concert was a huge success, with over 1 million viewers tuning in. It was a testament to Snow Man's popularity and their ability to connect with their fans. The concert also showed that Snow Man is a group that is constantly evolving and growing. They are sure to continue to entertain and inspire their fans for many years to come.