On December 31, 2023, YOASOBI made their highly anticipated Japanese music show debut with a special performance of their song "IDOL" at the 74th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen. The performance was a major moment for the duo, who have quickly become one of the most popular and successful acts in Japanese music.

The performance began with a dark and atmospheric intro, with singer Ayase's vocals floating over a haunting piano melody. As the song built to a crescendo, YOASOBI's backing band joined in, creating a powerful and energetic sound. Ayase's vocals were strong and emotional, and rapper ikura's rap verses were delivered with conviction.

The performance was visually stunning, with YOASOBI surrounded by a sea of dancers dressed in black and white. The dancers moved in unison, creating a striking visual effect that complemented the song's dark and dramatic tone.

"IDOL" is a song about the pressures and expectations that come with being a celebrity. The song's lyrics are both personal and universal, and they resonated with viewers across Japan. The performance was a powerful and moving interpretation of the song, and it helped to solidify YOASOBI's status as one of the most important voices in Japanese music.

The performance was a major success, and it helped to boost YOASOBI's popularity even further. The song "IDOL" quickly shot to the top of the Japanese charts, and YOASOBI's album "THE BOOK 2" became a best-seller. The performance also helped to introduce YOASOBI to a wider audience, and it is likely that the duo will continue to be a major force in Japanese music for many years to come.