Zack Tabudlo's "Gusto ft. Al James" is a captivating fusion of Filipino talents and heartfelt lyrics, creating a song that resonates with listeners on both personal and musical levels. The song's blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop elements, coupled with the emotive vocals of Zack Tabudlo and Al James, delivers a message of love, longing, and the pursuit of happiness.

The song opens with a gentle guitar melody, setting the stage for a heartfelt and introspective journey. Zack Tabudlo's soft vocals enter, capturing the essence of vulnerability and the uncertainty of new love. He sings about the desire to be with someone special, expressing his feelings with honesty and sincerity.

Al James's verse adds a touch of hip-hop swagger to the song, complementing Zack Tabudlo's emotive vocals. His lyrics convey a sense of confidence and determination, reflecting the duality of love's emotions. The interplay between the two artists' voices creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

The chorus soars with a surge of energy, as Zack Tabudlo and Al James declare their longing: "Gusto kita. Hanggang tingin na lang ba sa'yo?/ Totoo na nga ba 'to?/ Na ikaw ang kasama?" These lines encapsulate the song's central theme: the pursuit of love despite its challenges and uncertainties.

The song's bridge takes a more personal turn, with Zack Tabudlo sharing his own experiences of love and heartbreak. He admits to his fears and insecurities, but he also expresses his resilience and determination to find true happiness.

The song concludes with a powerful affirmation of hope: "Gusto kong matulog sa tabi mo/ At gumising sa'yo." These lines embody the song's message of pursuing one's dreams and never giving up on love.


"Gusto ft. Al James" is a well-crafted and emotionally resonant song that showcases the talents of two rising stars in the Filipino music scene. Zack Tabudlo's ability to capture the complexities of love and Al James's confident delivery make the song a captivating and relatable listen.

Overall, "Gusto ft. Al James" is a must-listen for fans of Filipino music and for anyone who appreciates a heartfelt and emotionally resonant song.