iñigo quintero's "Si No Estás" (If You're Not Here) is a heartbreaking ballad about loss and longing. The song is a raw and emotional expression of the singer's grief at the loss of a loved one.

The song begins with a slow and melancholic intro, setting the stage for a moving and emotional journey. iñigo quintero's vocals are raw and vulnerable, and they perfectly capture the pain and grief of the singer. The lyrics are simple but effective, and they paint a vivid picture of the singer's heartbreak.

In the chorus, iñigo quintero sings, "Si no estás, todo es un desastre / No sé a dónde voy, odio cuando estoy / Lleno de este veneno / No puedo hacer nada sin ti." (If you're not here, everything is a disaster / I don't know where I'm going, I hate when I'm / Full of this poison / I can't do anything without you.)

These lines perfectly capture the singer's deep longing for their loved one. They feel lost and empty without them, and they are unable to function normally.

The bridge of the song is a more reflective moment, where iñigo quintero thinks about all the good times they had with their loved one. They sing about the memories they shared and the love they felt. They sing, "Si no estás, todo es un desastre / Me duele muchisimo no poder ser la de antes / Y la extraño mucho, deseo sentir esa paz y las ganas de vivir." (If you're not here, everything is a disaster / It hurts me so much not to be able to be the same as before / And I miss her so much, I long to feel that peace and the desire to live.)

These lines show the singer's deep love for their loved one and the pain they feel at their loss.

The outro of the song is a return to the chorus, where iñigo quintero reiterates their deep longing for their loved one. They declare that they cannot live without them, and they beg them to come back.


"Si No Estás" is a well-crafted and moving ballad that is sure to leave listeners feeling emotional. iñigo quintero's performance is raw and heartfelt, and their lyrics are simple but effective. The song's melody is melancholic and haunting, and it perfectly complements the song's message.

Overall, "Si No Estás" is a must-listen for fans of ballads and emotional music alike. It is a beautiful and heartbreaking song that is sure to resonate with listeners of all ages.


Sueñas alto es el poder
Que te han dado desde el cielo
No, no, no, no, no

Que no sé a dónde voy, no es real
Hace ya tiempo te volviste uno más
Y odio cuando estoy lleno de este veneno
Y oigo truenos si no estás

¿Qué me has hecho? ¿Dónde estoy?
Se me aparecen mil planetas de repente, esto es una alucinación
Quiеro ver tu otra mitad, alejarme dе esta ciudad
Y contagiarme de tu forma de pensar
Miro al cielo al recordar, me doy cuenta otra vez más
Que no hay momento que pase sin dejarte de pensar
Esta distancia no es normal, ya me he cansa'o de esperar
Dos billetes para amarte, no quiero ver nada más

Imposible, es demasiado tarde (Demasiado)
Todo es un desastre (Es un desastre)
Esto es una obsesión
No me sirven tus pocas señales (Tus señales)
Ya nada es como antes (Como antes)
Me olvido de quién soy