Prakash Saput's "Sakambari" (Phoolmaya), featuring Sunil Thapa and Kusum Sharma, is a haunting ballad that explores the dark underbelly of societal progress, shedding light on the exploitation and suffering often hidden behind the veneer of development. The song's title, "Sakambari," is a reference to a mythical flower that is said to bloom only once every 100 years, symbolizing the rarity and preciousness of true beauty and innocence.

The song opens with a melancholic melody and Saput's raw, emotive vocals, immediately setting the tone for a journey into the depths of human suffering. The lyrics, penned by Saput himself, are poetic and evocative, painting a vivid picture of the plight of Phoolmaya, a young woman trapped in a cycle of exploitation.

In the chorus, Saput sings, "Kanma jhumkana timlai kalle kindiyo, pauma lako pauju, haatma sunko chura timlai kalle kindiyo" (I put earrings on your ears and hold your hands, I fasten bangles on your wrists, but I leave you alone). These lines highlight the paradox of Phoolmaya's situation, surrounded by material possessions yet utterly alone and vulnerable.

As the song progresses, Saput delves deeper into Phoolmaya's story, revealing the societal forces that contribute to her exploitation. He sings of the "papi shaharko chhaina simana" (the net of the sinful city) that ensnares her, and the "ras galaiko suki janechha aafnai aatmale thuki janechha" (the one who enjoys the taste of juice cuts the branch from which she plucks it), symbolizing the self-destructive nature of exploitation.

The bridge offers a glimmer of hope, as Saput sings, "Joban sateeuki dhanko aashaile bahakayoki" (She was deceived by the promise of prosperity and fortune), suggesting that Phoolmaya's plight is not entirely of her own making. She has been lured into a cycle of exploitation by false promises and societal pressures.

The outro returns to the melancholic melody and Saput's emotive vocals, leaving listeners with a lingering sense of sadness and reflection. The song's message is clear: behind the façade of progress and development lies a dark underbelly of exploitation and suffering, and we must not turn a blind eye to the human cost of our collective ambition.


"Sakambari" (Phoolmaya) is a powerful and poignant ballad that exposes the harsh realities of exploitation and the human cost of societal progress. Saput's songwriting is masterful, using poetic language and evocative imagery to paint a vivid picture of Phoolmaya's plight. The song's melody is haunting and memorable, perfectly complementing the lyrics' emotional depth.

Overall, "Sakambari" (Phoolmaya) is a must-listen for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the complex relationship between development and exploitation. Saput's song serves as a stark reminder of the human cost often hidden behind the veneer of progress, urging us to confront the realities of exploitation and seek a more equitable and just society.


कानमा झुम्काना तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो
नाकको बुलाकी तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो..
पाउमा लाको पाउजु, हातमा सुनको चुरा
तिम्लाई कल्लले किन्दियो… फुलमाया ६

जाग्यो रहर पापी शहरको
छैन सिमाना आफ्नै रहरको
लौ धर्मै मास्ने जहर
लौ रङ्गीन रङ्गीन रहर
तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो.. फुलमाया..

जोवन साटेउकी धनको आसैले
बहकायोकि तिम्लाई कसैले
हेर हिड्छेउ पर पर.
हेर रातै स्कुटर…
तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो.. फुलमाया

धुवाँ सरी मन उड़न दियौर
फुलै सरी तन चुँडन दियौर…
यस्तो आँखा खाने डाईमण्ड
यस्तो ईमान खाने घमण्ड
तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो.. फुलमाया

घाटी निरै डाम के को होलानी
राती तिरै काम के को होलानी
ओहो मुल्य बढी बढी,
ओहो मोबाईल टिभी घडी
तिम्लाई कल्ले किन्दियो.. फुलमाया

रस गालैको सुकी जानेछ
आफ्नै आत्माले थुकी जानेछ
यो वैश सधै फल्छ,
यो जिवन यसै चल्छ
तिम्लाई कल्ले भन्दियो.. फुलमाया

Lyrics In English:-

Kanma Jhumkana Timlai Kalle Kindiyo
Nakko Bulaki Timlai Kalle Kindiyo
Pauma Lako Pauju, Hatma Sunko Chura
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Jagyo Rahar Papi Shaharko
Chhaina Simana Aafnai Raharko
Lau Dharmai Masne Jahar
Lau Rangin Rangin Rahar
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Joban Sateuki Dhanko Aashaile
Bahakayoki Timlai Kasaile
Hera Hidchheu Para Para
Hera Ratai Scooter
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Dhuwa Sari Man Udna Diyaura
Phoolai Sari Tan Chudna Diyaura
Yesto Aankha Khane Diamond
Yesto Iman Khane Ghamand
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Ghati Nirai Dam Ke Ko Holani
Rati Tirai Kaam Ke Ko Holani
Oho Mulya Badhi Badhi
Oho Mobile TV Ghadi
Timlai Kalle Kindiyo, Phoolmaya

Rasa Galaiko Suki Janechha
Aafnai Aatmale Thuki Janechha
Yo Baisha Sadhai Phalchha
Yo Jiban Yesai Chalchha
Timlai Kalle Bhandiyo, Phoolmaya