"Nijame Ne Chebutunna" is a soulful melody sung by Sid Sriram and composed by Shekar Chandra for the Telugu film "Ooru Peru Bhairavakona". The song's lyrics, penned by Shree Mani, are a beautiful expression of love and commitment.

The song begins with a slow and mellow beat, perfectly setting the mood for a romantic ballad. Sid Sriram's soulful vocals and Shekar Chandra's enchanting composition perfectly complement each other, creating a truly magical listening experience.

The song's lyrics are simple yet heartfelt, expressing the deep love and commitment that the singer feels for his beloved. He sings about how he is ready to spend the rest of his life with her and how he will always be there for her, no matter what.

The song's chorus is a particularly beautiful and moving part of the song. Sid Sriram sings, "Nijame ne chebutunna, neekemini naadi le vundunna" (I truly mean it, I am always by your side). These lines perfectly capture the essence of the song, which is about the deep love and commitment that the singer feels for his beloved.

The song's bridge is a moment of reflection, where the singer thinks about all the happy times he has shared with his beloved. He sings about how she has made his life complete and how he is grateful for her love.

The song's outro is a message of hope and promise. Sid Sriram sings about how he and his beloved will be together forever, no matter what. He promises to always love and cherish her.

The music video for "Nijame Ne Chebutunna" is a visually stunning depiction of love and commitment. The video features the singer and his beloved spending time together in a variety of romantic settings. The video's imagery perfectly matches the song's mood and message, creating a truly heartwarming experience.