Badshah's 2023 song "Gone Girl - लड़की ख़राब" is a catchy and controversial song that has divided fans and critics alike. The song has been praised for its catchy melody and upbeat tempo, but it has also been criticized for its misogynistic lyrics.

The song's lyrics are about a man who is obsessed with a woman he calls the "gone girl." He sings about how she is beautiful, intelligent, and mysterious. He also sings about how he wants to possess her and make her his own.

Some people have criticized the song's lyrics for being objectifying and misogynistic. They argue that the lyrics reduce the woman to a sexual object and that they promote the idea of male ownership of women.

Others have defended the song, arguing that it is simply a fun and catchy pop song. They also argue that the lyrics should not be taken too seriously.

Regardless of one's opinion on the lyrics, there is no denying that "Gone Girl - लड़की ख़राब" is a catchy song. It has become a huge hit in India and has been streamed millions of times on music streaming platforms.

Here are some additional thoughts on the song:

The song's music is a mix of Indian pop and electronic elements. The Indian pop elements are evident in the song's catchy melody and its use of traditional Indian instruments. The electronic elements are evident in the song's strong beat and its use of electronic instruments.
The music video for the song is also visually stunning. It features Badshah performing the song in a variety of different locations, including a nightclub, a mansion, and a forest. The video is also full of beautiful women and men, all of which are dressed in stylish clothing.

Overall, Badshah's "Gone Girl - लड़की ख़राब" is a catchy song that has divided fans and critics alike. It is a song that is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners, regardless of one's opinion on the lyrics.


Baithi Baithi Mein Tune Aag Bhar Di
Khali Bottle Mein Sharaab Bhar Di
Teri Kasam Bilkul Seedhi Sadi Thi Mein Tune Ladki Kharab Kar Di


Ya Ya Ek Baat Samajh Le
Mein Bolu Kam Aankhon Se Padhle
Game Ke Top Pe Baitha
Jiske Bhi Bas Ki Wo Aake Pakadle
Inse Game Crack Hi Nai Hora.. Na
Hit Koi Track Hi Nai Hora .. Na
Yahaan Fir Maine Scene Change Kiya
Aur Kuch Logo Ka Come Back Hi Nai Hora.. Woo
Badshah Hai Naam Meri Jaan,
Pyaar So Mujhko Wo Baddie Bolti Hai, Aye
Game Mein Laundo Ka Baap Hoon Baby
Ek Tu Hi Thodi Hai Jo Mujhe Daddy Bolti Hai

(Payal Dev

Subah Se Shaam Tak, Bas Tera Naam Lu
Tujhko Jo Dekhu Mein Dil Apna Thaam Lu
Jo Tu Mujhe Choole Toh Badan Mein Sansani
Khudko Samjhati Hu Ke Sabar Se Kaam Lu
Neende Meri Tune Haraam Kar Di
Gandi Meri Tune Zabaan Kar Di
Teri Kasam Bilkul Seedhi Sadi Thi Mein Tune Ladki Kharab Kar Di


Koi Ungli Karta Hai, Haa, Toh Mein Baanh Bhi Chadhata Hu Par Saamne Ho Bandhi Toh Mein Good Boy Ban Jaata Hoon
Ya, Udti Hai Khabare Leta Na Stress, No
Game Ka Carter On To The Next, Ho
Plane Hai Private Life Hai Blessed, Yeah
Muthi Mein Game Mere Ghante Pe Press
Badboyshah Kaise Tuje Tere Bas Ka Laga
Na Mujhe Aisa Maska Laga
Rahi Na Kisi Kaam Dham Ki Jabse Ladki Ko Chaska Laga Mera

Ya , Ish You Boy , It’s Your Boy Badshah

(Payal Dev)

Ladki Kharab Kar Di