Al Shami's "Befdiki" is a powerful and moving song about overcoming adversity. The song is a personal reflection on Al Shami's own experiences of growing up in a difficult environment and facing challenges on a daily basis. However, the song is also a message of hope and resilience, as Al Shami sings about how he has overcome these challenges and is now living a better life.

The song's title, "Befdiki," is a colloquial Arabic term that means "without money" or "poor." The song's lyrics describe Al Shami's experiences of growing up in poverty and facing discrimination. He sings about how he was often looked down upon and treated differently because of his background.

However, Al Shami refused to let his circumstances define him. He worked hard and persevered, and eventually he was able to overcome these challenges and achieve his goals. The song's chorus is a powerful message of hope and resilience:

"Befdiki, befdiki, yeah, that's how I grew up
But I'm not giving up, I'm gonna stand up
Befdiki, befdiki, yeah, that's how I grew up
But I'm not giving up, I'm gonna stand up"

The song's music video is also a reflection of Al Shami's personal journey. The video shows Al Shami singing in a variety of locations, including a rundown neighborhood, a construction site, and a luxurious mansion. The video's imagery highlights Al Shami's humble beginnings and his journey to success.


"Befdiki" is a well-crafted and inspiring song about overcoming adversity. Al Shami's lyrics are honest and moving, and his performance is powerful and passionate. The song is a message of hope and resilience for anyone who has ever faced challenges in their life.

Lyrics |

كلمات "
انا يلي بقيت ب الماضي
عم عارك فيك على الفاضي
شوفي العيون عميانين

بتذكر شو خطيت كرمالك ؟
هي العيون ! بشعل حرب لعيونها
هي يلي بكون او مابكون من دونها
هي القلوب ، وحق الرب مابخونها

هي العيون بشعل حرب لعيونها
منك كلشي نقص ومازادت غير بلاد
مشاعري يلي بقت وكلشي ئسى زاد
بتحكي عن برضى بتحكيني بذكريات
كيف كل الئسى فيي وهي كل الجمال
بفديكي وحق الله.ل تشوفي روحي
مادقت انا النوم وينك ل تشوفي نوحي ل امشي حفا وينك أنا يلي بيحب بيوفي !

بفديكي وحق الله ل تشوفي روحي
لاعطيكي روحي قربان لك قولي ليش لا ؟
انا البفدييكي بملايين وناس لو شوف عينك ليلة
ولله ولو ينطقو باسم ل صيح الاخ ليلى

ولك بعدك شو لامو في الحباب
الغلط مني بالغت فيك زيادة شو بتحكي عني ؟ مابعد العادي ؟ عادي !

تحطني جنب مين انا ؟ لك انا يلي ديب بوادي
الحنين اا علمني اكتب حرقة
ياحبيب نار هيدي نار بورقة
مو مبين قلبك يلي سند ه الجرة رحتي بعينيي رحتي وبعدك مافي جرئة"