SEVENTEEN's "손오공" is a powerful and energetic song about overcoming challenges

Seventeen, a 13-member South Korean boy group, has released a new song titled "손오공" (Son Goku). The song is a powerful and energetic song about overcoming challenges.

"손오공" is about a young man who is determined to achieve his dreams. The song's lyrics are about how the young man is not afraid to face challenges, and he is always willing to work hard. The song is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever had to overcome challenges in their life.

The song is inspired by the Chinese folktale of Sun Wukong, also known as Son Goku in Japanese. Sun Wukong is a monkey king who is known for his strength, courage, and determination. The song's lyrics and music video are full of references to Sun Wukong, and they perfectly capture the song's message of overcoming challenges.

The song has been released on all major streaming platforms, and it is already receiving positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It is sure to be a hit on the charts, and it is a promising start to the new year for SEVENTEEN.

The song's music video is full of action and adventure. The video follows the story of the young man as he overcomes challenges and achieves his dreams. The video is full of energy and excitement, and it perfectly captures the song's message.

"손오공" is a powerful and inspiring song that is sure to motivate anyone who listens to it. It is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and never give up.