NewJeans Releases "OMG" Performance Video

NewJeans, a South Korean girl group formed by ADOR, has released the performance version of their song "OMG". The song is a hip hop and R&B song with UK Garage and Trap rhythms.

"OMG" is a catchy song with a powerful beat. The song's lyrics are about the group's confidence and self-love. The song is sure to get you moving and feeling confident.

The performance video is just as fun and energetic as the song itself. It features the group members dancing and singing in a variety of settings, including a mental hospital, a classroom, and a street. The video is full of energy and excitement, and it perfectly captures the song's message of confidence and self-love.

"OMG" is a major moment for NewJeans. It is their first single since their debut in July 2022. The song is sure to be a hit with fans of the group and anyone who enjoys a good dance song.

The song has been released on all major streaming platforms, and it is already receiving positive reviews from critics and fans alike. It is sure to be a hit on the charts, and it is a promising start to the new year for NewJeans.