Nain Bengali (English: Bengali Eyes) is a song by Indian singer Guru Randhawa. It was released on October 18, 2021, as the lead single from his album, Pagal Hai (English: Crazy). The song is a dancehall song with elements of Punjabi folk music.

The song's lyrics are about a man who is captivated by a woman's eyes. He sings about how he can't stop thinking about her and how he wants to be with her. The song is a celebration of love and attraction.

Here are some additional facts about Nain Bengali:

The song was written by Guru Randhawa, Jaani, and Bunty Bains.
The song's music video was directed by Benaf Dadachandji.
The song has been praised for its catchy melody, its upbeat tempo, and Guru Randhawa's vocals.
The song has also been a commercial success, reaching number one on the Billboard India Top 100 chart.

The song's catchphrase "Nain Bengali" has become a popular meme and has been used in various contexts, including as a way to express one's attraction or to poke fun at someone who is being too flirtatious.

While some critics have criticized the song's lyrics for being too simplistic, it has also been credited with helping to popularize the genre of dancehall in India.

Nain Bengali is a truly iconic song that has stood the test of time. It is a great example of how a dancehall song can be both catchy and meaningful. The song's message about love and attraction has resonated with people all over the world.

The song is also notable for being the lead single from Guru Randhawa's album, Pagal Hai (English: Crazy). It is also the first song to feature Guru Randhawa as the only artist.

The song's success has helped to put Guru Randhawa on the map as a leading artist in Punjabi music. The song has also helped to introduce dancehall to a new audience in India.

Nain Bengali is a truly special song that has had a positive impact on the genre of dancehall and the world at large. It is a celebration of love, attraction, and the power of music.